Saturday, June 27, 2020

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Using Telehealth to optimize health worker staffing needs

The demand for healthcare services is rising. As baby boomers age and the number of Americans living with at least one chronic condition grows, this trend is expected to increase. And thus the demand for health workers is expected to keep increasing, where in fact there is clearly a shortage.
Here are some ways TeleHealth can help Hospitals and clinics address this skewed supply-demand problem.

Health Workers embracing TeleHealthClinics Can Use Telemedicine to Improve Staff Efficiency
By bringing about efficiency in how a care process and patient monitoring can be carried out, Telehealth can reduce the time nurses and there medical staff members have to physically spend with each patient. Using screening tools and remote patient monitoring, the medical staff members can be more effective at what they do best.

Digital Health can reduce the need for Healthcare Services

Telehealth can help facilities reduce the number of patients that require in-person healthcare services. Patients recovering from surgery and those with severe chronic conditions can be remotely monitored at all hours of the day.

Doctors can use digital health apps, instant messaging, and video consults to remotely check up on their patients. With 24/7 access to their patients, providers can use this technology to improve health outcomes and prevent possible emergencies down the line.

Instead of having doctors and nurses walk from ward to room, clinics/hospitals can use remote patient monitoring tools to keep an eye on the patients while they recover in the comfort of their own homes. Doctors can monitor the patient’s vitals, send them important reminders, and can actually help them be more connected to the care process.

Effective Patient Education

Nurses typically spend about 10% of their time educating patients about their diagnoses and treatment recommendations. With digital health tools, nurses can quickly educate their patients efficiently and effectively.
As the healthcare industry continues to adapt to these changes, more facilities will adopt Telehealth services to reduce the need for additional staff members. And as the TeleHealth products get better with time, the efficiencies they bring will also increase. 

Contact TrueTeleHealth to discuss how TeleHealth can help your practice improve staff efficiencies.


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