Saturday, June 27, 2020

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The TrueTeleHealth Expert Picks for the week ending June 28th

In this segment, we bring you articles, news, and updates carefully chosen by our in-house medical experts.

This week Vinnie picked some fantastic pieces which deal with the future of TeleHealth in America and abroad.

In their weekly round up National Law Review covers how Lawmakers are Pushing to Make Some Telehealth Changes Permanent.

Florence Health talks about how Covid-19 has pushed TeleHealth into mainstream medicine, citing the example of New York University’s Langone Health which saw a 683% increase in telehealth visits

Clint Philips writes about Why telemedicine needs more than just video chat to be successful -

In the Citizen Tribune, Christine from Strate Insurance Group writes how during COVID-19, telehealth has become one of the safest and most available sources of medical and mental health care. She urges citizens that If they have not tried their provider’s telehealth option, this is a great time to do it.

For the last six weeks, physician assistant students at the University of New England have received a crash course in telehealth due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities has signed a deal to offer telemedicine services at no cost to about 15,000 Medicaid Waiver users.

A survey by HCP Live shows Practitioners Leaning Toward Telemedicine Future

On to some concerns, Bloomberg writes about how Telehealth Consent Requirements Raise Litigation, Payment Issues

From around the world:

In Korea, Hospitals and clinics seem divided over telemedicine in the post Covid-19 era

In India, the Government has issued the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines for enabling the Registered Medical Practitioners to provide healthcare services using the various telecommunication and digital communication technologies

In sync with this, the Indian insurance regulator has directed all insurers to include TeleMedicine as part of the claim settlement of policies.

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