Thursday, July 2, 2020

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The TeleHealth Preplist for Patients

Telehealth is an easy and convenient way to access a doctor, when one needs to. To make it possible for you to have a successful virtual visit every time, we at TrueTeleHealth have put together this TeleHealth Prep list.

1. Get the location right

Before your appointment starts, find a spot that is quiet and lit up, where you can speak freely with your doctor without interruptions, and in case the doctor wants you to show something, it's possible without resorting to phone torches.

2. Do a mike check.
Whether you’re going to be using a computer, laptop, iPad, or phone for the virtual visit, make sure that the camera and microphone are working fine. Don't start the call and then carry out the audio test. Instead, do it beforehand.

3. Go over your TeleHealth software pre-visit.
Most software today is easy to use, nonetheless, it is advisable to go through the software and read up the help guide beforehand so you can make the most of it.

4. Keep your vital information handy.
Weigh yourself, take your temperature, and is possible check your heart rate and blood pressure pre-visit so you can share that with your doctor.

5. Be prepared
Remind the doctor at the beginning of your appointment about any pre-existing conditions you might have so they can properly evaluate you

If you have a rash or throat symptoms, have a flashlight handy so that your doctor can see clearly via the screen. If possible, take a video of the affected part in excellent light.

Have your medication right near you during your video call so that you can review doses and side effects.

6. Take notes.
Before your call, make a list of questions and symptoms to go over with your doctor. Keep a pen close for taking notes, suggestions, or follow-ups to your medications and diet provided by your doctor during the visit.

7. Discuss next steps:

Do not forget to discuss what to do next during your visit.
Please leave us comments via the comment box below about any telehealth questions you have and we will be glad to answer.

As with any technology, there are likely to be a few technical glitches every once in a while. 

Fret not. We are putting together a TeleHealth FAQ for patients which shall help soothe your nerves and figure stuff out when something goes wrong. Look for it at the TrueTeleHealth blog this weekend.



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