Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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TrueTeleHealth Announces Marketplace Partner Status Allowing Integration with PointClickCare’s Platform

Partnership to make telemedicine easy and take focus back to patient care. 

CHICAGO, IL, JULY 2021 – TrueTeleHealth, a product of TeleHealth Innovations, LLC, is proud to announce that it is now integrated with PointClickCare, the leading cloud-based EHR software vendor for the senior care market. 

TrueTeleHealth was created to improve access and delivery of virtual healthcare. The TrueTeleHealth Complete Solution is a comprehensive, yet easy to use telehealth platform consisting of a medical cart, tablet, HIPAA compliant software, and FDA approved medical devices. Physician created, TrueTeleHealth improves patient access by allowing providers to quickly and safely evaluate and treat patients from a distance. 

TrueTeleHealth benefits long-term and post acute care facilities in many ways:

  • Turn-key and affordable telehealth solution
  • 24/7 provider care that improves clinical outcomes
  • Reduction of unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Improvement of patient/family/provider satisfaction
  • Improvement of facility reputation driving referrals
  • Increase in facility revenues

Using the APIs available through the PointClickCare Marketplace Partner Program, TrueTeleHealth has completed its integration with the PointClickCare platform.  This allows for direct communication between the platforms making the telehealth consultation process more user-friendly and complete. Nurses are now able to connect with a telehealth provider within seconds allowing more time to be given back to resident care. 

“Through our integration with PointClickCare, receiving and delivering virtual medical care has never been easier”, says Dr. Aleks Radovic, MD, creator of TrueTeleHealth. “Not only can facility staff connect with remote providers more quickly, providers themselves now have access to comprehensive and vital patient information, necessary for high quality medical care”. 

“We have been using the TrueTeleHealth platform for the last 12 months and it has significantly helped reduce our hospitalization rates. Now, after integrating into the PointClickCare platform, the telehealth consultation process is even more streamlined and has been very well received by our nurses and doctors!” - Rani Stutz, Regional Director of Operations, Legacy Healthcare, LLC 

Additional information regarding the integration can be found on the PointClickCare Marketplace – an online platform that enables customers to easily evaluate authorized third-party technology partners. Partners listed on the PointClickCare Marketplace offer integrated apps and/or services that are designed to be quickly deployed and work seamlessly with providers’ existing workflows.

“The PointClickCare Marketplace offers the widest range of integrated solutions available to the senior care market,” says Chris Beekman, Marketplace Director, PointClickCare.  “Our partnership with TrueTeleHealth is further testament to our continually growing partner network and ecosystem, and the wealth of possibilities it provides our customers to extend their technology capabilities.” For more information about this partnership, visit https://marketplace.pointclickcare.com/English/directory/partner/1403089.

About PointClickCare Technologies Inc.

With a suite of fully-integrated applications powered by cloud-based healthcare software, PointClickCare leads the way in helping care providers connect, collaborate, and share data within their network. PointClickCare provides diverse care teams across the care continuum real-time patient insights at any stage of a patient’s healthcare journey, enabling better decision making and improved clinical outcomes at lower cost. Over 21,000 long-term and acute/post-acute care providers, and over 1,300 hospitals, use PointClickCare today. For more information on PointClickCare’s software solutions, visit pointclickcare.com.

About TeleHealth Innovations, LLC

TeleHealth Innovations, LLC is a physician-founded technology company that brings advanced telehealth solutions to market. The TrueTeleHealth platform is currently used around the world and was designed to improve access and deliver comprehensive virtual healthcare in a variety of clinical settings. 

For more information on TrueTeleHealth, please visit www.truetelehealth.com.

If you have media related questions, please call (833) 4-TEL-MED or email us at admin@telehealthinnovations.com.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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The different types of TeleHealth

The use of TeleHealth is on the rise. You know it and you must have also read numerous blogs and articles which write of how TeleHealth's usage has been a gift for doctors and patients alike during the Covid pandemic.

In this post, we show the distinction between the several types of telehealth as is being practiced today. 

eVisit - An online patient assessment to inform or establish the diagnosis. This is typically algorithm-driven

Video Visit - A live, interactive consult between a patient and provider

Teleconsult - A live video–enabled consult between a primary care provider and a nurse or home care specialist assisting in rendering a diagnosis and/or care 

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) - The use of devices to collect and transmit patient data to a provider, or a diagnostic testing facility for monitoring and interpretation the patient

Store and forward The transmission of diagnostic images, vital signs, and/or video clips along with patient data for review by a provider for diagnosis and care. 

Mobile health (mHealth) - The use of mobile phones and other devices to obtain health information, access a provider and digital health portals and conduct video visits

Want to know how TeleHealth can help your practice improve staff efficiencies? Contact TrueTeleHealth 

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

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Predicting how TeleHealth will impact Healthcare in the future

Decentralize the healthcare system

Healthcare professionals tend to migrate from large hospital complexes, often ending up opening smaller community-based practices. This trend is particularly significant in massive hospitals that tend to offer their more specialized services in their centralized locations.

We can expect that the younger healthcare professionals will benefit from the flexibility TeleHealth offers, and push for the decentralization of services. They might open the doors of their own TeleHealth practices or influence their employers – massive hospitals – to invest in such facilities. This will, in turn, give rise to a decentralized healthcare system with TeleHealth as it base.

Smaller practices will be partnered up with TeleHealth giants

As business costs will rise and regulations will become stricter, small practices struggle to stay afloat, even today.
In the future, a majority of them will turn to TeleHealth firms to help them improve their revenues.
Such partnerships will enable such providers to offer specialized services using the advanced infrastructure and software of their partners.

Increase advanced Technology applications for healthcare 

Since an increasing number of patients are now using mobile applications in their regular life, in the future, we’re going to see TeleHealth turn to be used on mobile phones, integrate with Mobile apps,  both on the provider as well as the patient side.
Healthcare providers are going to invest in innovative mobile applications that will streamline communication between patients and caregivers, allow remote monitoring, manage medication reminders, and offer patients information.  
Apps will also gather key patient information to enable personalized services and display it on comprehensive healthcare dashboards.

Increase in investment in cybersecurity

Since TeleHealth relies on digital technologies, cybersecurity is a key issue in its future development.
The healthcare industry has experienced cyber-attacks before, and as TeleHealth becomes more popular, data protection is going to become a top priority for healthcare providers.
We’re likely to see significant changes in how the TeleHealth sector protects confidential information, which will be an improvement in how E-Health companies have been doing so for the past decade.
There will be investments in developing cybersecurity tools to prevent database breaches and other forms of hacking. Tools are going to rely on artificial intelligence algorithms able to pick up any suspicious activity in real-time.  Such tools will enable system administrators not only to react to incidents but proactively prevent them.

The increasing popularity of out-of-the-box health software

In the past, hospitals have had a predilection to using proprietary software to offer their services to patients. This seems to be soon changing with the increased use of TeleHealth. A lot of this is to do with the democratization offered by TeleHealth.
Out-of-the-box solutions prove to be much more affordable than the costs of creating, implementing and maintaining proprietary systems. 

Want to know how TeleHealth can help your practice improve staff efficiencies? Contact TrueTeleHealth 

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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How TeleHealth can enhance your practice revenue

Profitability is healthy. It allows one and one's practice to stay financially secure. Implementing a TeleHealth program is a low-risk, high-reward way to get there.

Here are some ways how:

Reduce No-Shows and Cancelations
The most valuable asset in any medical practice is the doctor's time. When a patient doesn’t show up or cancels at the last minute, the doctor's time is wasted. Unless a strict no-show policy is in place and enforced, 
 this time and the associated revenue can’t be recovered 

Tele visits help keep no-shows and late cancelations to a minimum by making it more convenient for patients to keep their appointments. 

Allow More Visits without staff overheads

Because tele-visits are easy and require no real overhead, except for a laptop or a phone, most doctors find that they can schedule them easily even from home. 
Telehealth also gives practices and doctors the option of expanding their consulting hours. What’s more, if someone calls to cancel an in-person appointment, it may be possible to simply change it to a tele-visit instead.

A doctor scheduling in a couple of tele-visits a day will be able to pile up a considerable amount of revenue from the tele-practice. For example, a doctors who just conducts 3 tele-visits a day, at an average reimbursement of $50, will earn around about an extra $50K in revenue in the year.

Increase your reach beyond your local geographical limitations.

When people know they won’t have to go into the office for every visit, they can consider doctors at a distance. They may pick that physician that their friend in another city always speaks about. They can pick that doctor they used to go to before the changes residence. And, they can feel more comfortable getting second and third opinions on their prescribed care.

Improve the Efficiency of Office Staff
Over time, Tele-visits result in fewer patient visits at the office, thus making the wait times better for patients who do come in, and reducing the pressure on your office staff.

This results in higher customer satisfaction for patients. This also frees your team up to do other tasks or to focus on finding opportunities for improvement within the office.

Related reading from the TrueTeleHealth blog "Using Telehealth to optimize health worker staffing needs"

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

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The TeleHealth FAQ for patients

Telehealth is an easy and convenient way to access a doctor when one needs to. However, as with any technology, there are likely to be a few issues you'll end up facing every once in a while, especially as you are starting off with it.

We’ve put together this list of commonly asked questions answered by our in-house experts so you can be more assured as you start your next telehealth session. This post will obviously be updated regularly so it stays current. 

If you encounter issues and don’t know what to do, send us your question via the comments section below, or Contact TrueTeleHealth.

To make it possible for you to have a successful virtual visit every time, we at TrueTeleHealth put together a TeleHealth Prep list which you can access at the following link. http://blog.truetelehealth.com/2020/07/the-telehealth-preplist-for-patients.html

Q. I unable to login to the software? What do I do?

TrueTeleHealth Expert: Try to enter the username and password again. Check if CapsLock is on/ If its On, put it off. If this does not work, try to reset the password. If that is not working, it could be because your internet connection has gone off, or the TeleHealth provider is facing issues at their server end. Finally, if nothing works, call the support number of your TeleHealth provider.

Q. Why isn’t my video loading?

TrueTeleHealth Expert:  First, check if you have your webcam all set up.  If you’re using a mobile phone, iPad, or laptop,  you typically will be using the integrated camera. And if you’re on a desktop computer, you may be using a separate webcam.

Now, go to your device’s control panel or settings menu and look for your webcam under devices. Test it out to see if it’s working.

If this works, check your internet connection. Having a solid internet connection is critical to being able to carry out a tele-consult.

Q. Why is the video quality bad?

TrueTeleHealth Expert:  Check your internet connection.  Poor video quality is typically caused by a poor internet connection.

To test your internet connection speed, visit https://fast.com. A minimum speed of 8Mbps (preferably 10Mbps+) is needed for a good Virtual consult.

Q. Why can't I hear the doctor?

TrueTeleHealth Expert:  Check if your speaker's volume is turned up.  To test it out, play a song from your device, or if you don't have one available on the device, play one on YouTube or Spotify.

Q. Why can’t the doctor hear me?

TrueTeleHealth Expert: Check if your microphone is working. If you’re using a mobile phone, iPad, or laptop,  you typically will be using the integrated mic. And if you’re on a desktop computer, you may be using an external microphone.

Go to your device panel or settings and make sure your microphone is set-up. There will be a test audio settings option in your TeleHealth Software to test it out. In case you are not using a TeleHealth software but a video conferencing tool like Zoom or Skype, they also have a test audio settings option within their settings.

Q. Can I just use Facetime or Skype to have a video consult with my doctor?

TrueTeleHealth Expert: You can, but it is not advised unless its an emergency.  Some doctors do offer virtual visits through apps like Facetime, Skype, and Zoom,  but that these apps are not HIPAA-compliant and neither are they well suited for consults by doctors. Doctors have to also separately manage the documentation for the consult, their investigation notes, ePrescribe, etc. So it's recommended that a TeleHealth software is used for this purpose.

These are the common questions we encounter from patients. If you encounter issues not listed here, and don’t know what to do, send us your question via the comments section below, or Contact TrueTeleHealth.

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

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The TeleHealth Preplist for Patients

Telehealth is an easy and convenient way to access a doctor, when one needs to. To make it possible for you to have a successful virtual visit every time, we at TrueTeleHealth have put together this TeleHealth Prep list.

1. Get the location right

Before your appointment starts, find a spot that is quiet and lit up, where you can speak freely with your doctor without interruptions, and in case the doctor wants you to show something, it's possible without resorting to phone torches.

2. Do a mike check.
Whether you’re going to be using a computer, laptop, iPad, or phone for the virtual visit, make sure that the camera and microphone are working fine. Don't start the call and then carry out the audio test. Instead, do it beforehand.

3. Go over your TeleHealth software pre-visit.
Most software today is easy to use, nonetheless, it is advisable to go through the software and read up the help guide beforehand so you can make the most of it.

4. Keep your vital information handy.
Weigh yourself, take your temperature, and is possible check your heart rate and blood pressure pre-visit so you can share that with your doctor.

5. Be prepared
Remind the doctor at the beginning of your appointment about any pre-existing conditions you might have so they can properly evaluate you

If you have a rash or throat symptoms, have a flashlight handy so that your doctor can see clearly via the screen. If possible, take a video of the affected part in excellent light.

Have your medication right near you during your video call so that you can review doses and side effects.

6. Take notes.
Before your call, make a list of questions and symptoms to go over with your doctor. Keep a pen close for taking notes, suggestions, or follow-ups to your medications and diet provided by your doctor during the visit.

7. Discuss next steps:

Do not forget to discuss what to do next during your visit.
Please leave us comments via the comment box below about any telehealth questions you have and we will be glad to answer.

As with any technology, there are likely to be a few technical glitches every once in a while. 

Fret not. We are putting together a TeleHealth FAQ for patients which shall help soothe your nerves and figure stuff out when something goes wrong. Look for it at the TrueTeleHealth blog this weekend.

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Saturday, June 27, 2020

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The TrueTeleHealth Expert Picks for the week ending June 28th

In this segment, we bring you articles, news, and updates carefully chosen by our in-house medical experts.

This week Vinnie picked some fantastic pieces which deal with the future of TeleHealth in America and abroad.

In their weekly round up National Law Review covers how Lawmakers are Pushing to Make Some Telehealth Changes Permanent.

Florence Health talks about how Covid-19 has pushed TeleHealth into mainstream medicine, citing the example of New York University’s Langone Health which saw a 683% increase in telehealth visits

Clint Philips writes about Why telemedicine needs more than just video chat to be successful - https://medcitynews.com/2020/06/why-telemedicine-needs-more-than-just-video-chat-to-be-successful/?rf=1

In the Citizen Tribune, Christine from Strate Insurance Group writes how during COVID-19, telehealth has become one of the safest and most available sources of medical and mental health care. She urges citizens that If they have not tried their provider’s telehealth option, this is a great time to do it.

For the last six weeks, physician assistant students at the University of New England have received a crash course in telehealth due to the COVID-19 outbreak. https://www.wmtw.com/article/une-physician-assistant-students-continue-learning-through-telemedicine/32909416#

The Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities has signed a deal to offer telemedicine services at no cost to about 15,000 Medicaid Waiver users.

A survey by HCP Live shows Practitioners Leaning Toward Telemedicine Future

On to some concerns, Bloomberg writes about how Telehealth Consent Requirements Raise Litigation, Payment Issues

From around the world:

In Korea, Hospitals and clinics seem divided over telemedicine in the post Covid-19 era

In India, the Government has issued the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines for enabling the Registered Medical Practitioners to provide healthcare services using the various telecommunication and digital communication technologies https://yourstory.com/2020/06/healthcare-telemedicine-practice-guidelines-covid-19-india

In sync with this, the Indian insurance regulator has directed all insurers to include TeleMedicine as part of the claim settlement of policies.

Please leave us comments via the comment box below about what telehealth questions you have and we will be glad to answer.

You can also contact TrueTeleHealth via our website https://www.truetelehealth.com/
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