Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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The different types of TeleHealth

The use of TeleHealth is on the rise. You know it and you must have also read numerous blogs and articles which write of how TeleHealth's usage has been a gift for doctors and patients alike during the Covid pandemic.

In this post, we show the distinction between the several types of telehealth as is being practiced today. 

eVisit - An online patient assessment to inform or establish the diagnosis. This is typically algorithm-driven

Video Visit - A live, interactive consult between a patient and provider

Teleconsult - A live video–enabled consult between a primary care provider and a nurse or home care specialist assisting in rendering a diagnosis and/or care 

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) - The use of devices to collect and transmit patient data to a provider, or a diagnostic testing facility for monitoring and interpretation the patient

Store and forward The transmission of diagnostic images, vital signs, and/or video clips along with patient data for review by a provider for diagnosis and care. 

Mobile health (mHealth) - The use of mobile phones and other devices to obtain health information, access a provider and digital health portals and conduct video visits

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